29 May - 03 June 2011
Albena, Bulgaria
Design and Security
of Cryptographic Algorithms and Devices



Follow this link for the second edition of this summer school from 30 June till 5 July 2013, also in Albena (Bulgaria).

Welcome to the home page of the ECRYPT II summer school on Design and Security of Cryptographic Algorithms and Devices. It will take place in Albena (Bulgaria) from 29 May - 3rd of June 2011.
The summer school is jointly organized by two ECRYPT II virtual labs, namely SYMLAB and VAMPIRE. For SYMLAB there will be five days of school.
In paralel for VAMPIRE there will be 3 days of school followed by a 2 day workshop on Practical Implementation Security.


  • 5 days of lectures of which 1.5 days common sessions
  • 2 last days are more advanced lectures
  • 3 days of lectures with 1.5 days common sessions
  • 2 days of workshop on Practical Implementation Security with invited talks

The event aims at bringing together PhD students and security experts from industry interested in the following topics:

  • Block ciphers
  • Hash functions
  • Differential and linear cryptanalysis
  • Implementation attacks
  • Fault injection attacks
  • Countermeasures
  • Leakage-resilient cryptography
  • White-box cryptography


  • Carlos Cid
  • Stefan Tillich
  • Svetla Nikova
  • Benedikt Gierlichs
  • Jörn-Marc Schmidt
  • Elena Andreeva
Funded by the European Commission's        With kind support of

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