Deliverables of the NESSIE project

D1 Project presentation
D2 Report on call
D3 List of general tools
D4 Security evaluation: AES input
D5 Dissemination and Use Plan
D6 Performance methodology
D7 Report on results of call
D8 Workshop on results of call
D9 Toolbox version 1
D10 Methodology for security evaluation
D11 Internal review report Year 1
D12 Toolbox version 2
D13 Security evaluation of NESSIE First Phase
D14 Performance evaluation of NESSIE First Phase
       NESSIE Phase I: Selection of primitives
D15 Workshop on security and performance evaluation of NESSIE First Phase
D16 Internal review report Year 2
D17 Preliminary list of realistic performance estimates
D18 Update on the selection of algorithms for further investigation during NESSIE Second Phase
D19 Algorithm specific toolbox
D20 NESSIE Security report, version 2.0
D21 Performance of Optimized Implementations of the NESSIE Primitives, version 2.0