Workshop on symmetric crypto designed for side channel and fault resistance


Welcome to the ECRYPT CSA Workshop on Symmetric Crypto designed for side channel and fault resistance.

The workshop will be held from 12-13 October 2017 in the Porto Platanias Beach Resort & Spa 5*, Plataniás, Chaniá, Crete, Greece.

This workshop is co-hosted with the ECRYPT-NET School on Correct and Secure Implementation (8-12 October).


This workshop will cover a completely new and very promising approach to side channel and fault resistance, where the resistance against implementation attack is taken into account during the design state of the symmetric primitive. The high potential for industrial impact is evident and that is why this approach requires a close collaboration between industrial implementers and academic designers. There have been already a few early steps towards such designs.

Speakers both from industry and academia will present recent results and open problems.

Latest news

  • Presentation slides are online, see programme (25th October 2017)
  • Programme is online (12th September 2017)
  • New venue (8th September 2017)
  • Registration is open (5th July 2017)
  • Registration information is online (20th June 2017)
  • Confirmed speakers are online (20th June 2017)
  • Site is online (23rd March 2017)