14 July - 15 July 2016
Leuven, Belgium
Cryptography Design for the Internet of Things



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Welcome to the home page of the ECRYPT-NET Workshop on Cryptography Design for the Internet of Things. It will take place in Leuven (Belgium) on 14th and 15th July 2016.

The workshop will have two pillars. One, the practical pillar, will focus on existing IoT solutions (including existing and upcoming cryptographic and security challenges). The other one, the theoretical pillar, will focus on current research in that area (new solutions for lightweight cryptography, cryptographic protocols for IoT or making nodes resilient against physical attacks).

ECRYPT-NET is an international training network formed by six universities (KU Leuven, ENS Paris, Royal Holloway, University of London, University of Bristol, Ruhr-Universität Bochum and TU Eindhoven) all particularly strong in the area of cryptography and two companies (Cryptoexperts and NXP Semiconductors) providing security and crypto solutions. The goal of ECRYPT-NET is to develop advanced cryptographic techniques for the Internet of Things and the Cloud and to create implementations that offer a high level of security and increased usability, for a wide range of physical computation platforms (more, blog).

The workshop is organized by NXP Semiconductors Belgium with friendly support of the COSIC group of KU Leuven.


  • Ventzislav Nikov
  • Miroslav Knezevic
  • Florian Böhl
  • Péla Noë

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