27 - 29 May 2008
Antwerp (BE)
ECRYPT: Challenges and Perspectives for Academia and Industry


Welcome to the home page of the 3 day event ECRYPT: Perspectives and Challenges for Academia and Industry which can be considered as the final ECRYPT event.

The event will take place in Antwerp (Belgium) from 27 to 29 May 2008 and is organized by the ECRYPT Network of Excellence together with ENISA.

The goals of the event are twofold: To give an overview of the main achievements at one hand and cross-fertilizing industrial and academic interest fields at the other. The event includes 2 parts;

ECRYPT: Achievements and Perspectives

27-28 May 2008

ECRYPT: Achievements and Perspectives summarizes the main results over the full duration of the ECRYPT project. Each ECRYPT virtual lab will highlight 2 main achievements or focus points in their research domain.

Industrial Perspectives on Cryptography

28-29 May 2008

Industrial Perspectives on Cryptography covers the second part of the event, bringing academia and industry closer together. Industry speakers will present problems and good practices related to cryptography in different industry segments. Following areas will be covered: Trusted computing, Cellular and fixed networks, Internet security and privacy, RFID networks, Consumer electronics, Content protection, Car industry, Financial industry and Governmental sector.

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