CHES 2012
9 - 12 September
Leuven, Belgium
Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems (CHES 2012)

CHES 2012

Rump Session

We will host a rump session during the social event on Monday evening. This is intended as an informal session for short and engaging presentations on recent unpublished results, work in progress, or other topics of interest to the CHES attendees. As in the past, talks should be entertaining and do not always need to be serious. The submission deadline is fixed to Monday, September 10, 16:00 Leuven time.

The slides from the rump session are available below:

1. The IACR, Bart Preneel.
2. CHES 2012 Stats, Lejla Batina and Ingrid Verbauwhede.
3. CHES 2012: Program Chairs' Feedback, Emmanuel Prouff and Patrick Schaumont.
4. Software Vulnerabilities in the Brazilian Voting Machine, Diego F. Aranha, Marcelo M. Karam, André Miranda, Felipe Scarel.
5. SPA/SEMA vulnerabilities of popular RSA-CRT sliding window implementations, Josh Jaffe, Gary Kenworthy, Mike Hamburg.
6. DPA contest V3 debriefing, Guillaume Duc, Jean-Luc Danger, Sylvain Guilley.
7. Journal of Cryptographic Engineering, Çetin Kaya Koç.
8. Poster Session Announcement, Thomas Eisenbarth.
9. Implementing "Practical leakage-resilient symmetric cryptography", Daniel J. Bernstein.
10. Analysis of FileVault2: Apple's full disk encryption, Omar Choudary, Felix Grobert, Joachim Metz.
11. A Key Revealing Procedure against 3DE for a Real-life CPU Smart Card, Li-ji WU, Yan-ting REN, He-xin LI, Xiang-yu LI, Xiang-min ZHANG.
12. Cheapskate Power Analysis, Colin O'Flynn.
13. Improved Side-Channel Analysis using Signal Processing, Gary Kenworthy, Elke De Mulder, Mike Hutter, Josh Jaffe, Gilbert Goodwill, Pankaj Rohatg.
14. ASK, Thomas Peyrin, Axel Poschmann.
15. COSADE 2013 annoucement, Jean-Luc Danger.

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