IBB goes to Germany

We are proud to announce that the Interfak Big Band will go to Germany from 07 – 08 July to visit our friends of Werkstatt BigBand in Dresden.
Together we will perform two double header concerts in Dresden.
Stay tuned for updates!

concerts in Dresden

Sat 07 July 20:00
Blaue Fabrik, Dresden

Sun 08 Jul 11:00 – 14:00
concert at Fraunhofer IWU Dresden

Annual concert 2018

It’s that time of the year again: Interfak Big Band is gathering the troops for their annual concert! This year, we managed to persuade a local to play with us, and it is nobody less than Rony Verbiest! So come out to see him jam with Leuven’s finest big band on May 19.

Reserve a ticket by mailing to ibb.annual.concert@gmail.com and pay by bank transfer or at the door. Prices are at 7 euro, 4 euro for students, -1 euro for cultuurkaart holders, and +1 euro without reservation.